Jodie’s Party

Handstands man wandered into the kitchen earlier, opening all the cupboards like he owns the place, looking for strong liquor. Jodie didn’t say anything. She melts for a tight body. He’s a bit thin for her, maybe, but I could tell she likes him. He doesn’t shave or sculpt his pubes, and he’s milky-skinned with a line of dark hair trailing down his belly. Boyish and manly at the same time. Me, Jodie, and the surly girls who no one knows, we were all watching him. He smiled at one of the girls. The girl just stared back at him, like a fish. Dead-faced. He started to bone up. Maybe he likes them dead. It could be his thing. Jodie grabbed his hand and pulled him away, back towards the front garden. They’re outside now. He’s already naked, so it’d be easy for her to initiate something with him. Just a brush of the hand and a hot kiss would do it. Tumblr girl could take pictures. It wouldn’t bother Jodie. You know what she’s like – she’s out there. She doesn’t care.

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