Jodie’s Party

Handstands man wandered into the kitchen earlier, opening all the cupboards like he owns the place, looking for strong liquor. Jodie didn’t say anything. She melts for a tight body. He’s a bit thin for her, maybe, but I could tell she likes him. He doesn’t shave or sculpt his pubes, and he’s milky-skinned with a line of dark hair trailing down his belly. Boyish and manly at the same time. Me, Jodie, and the surly girls who no one knows, we were all watching him. He smiled at one of the girls. The girl just stared back at him, … Continue reading Jodie’s Party

Party Saturday

Steven, it’s Jodie. I just wanted to see if you’re coming to the party Saturday. Jodie, hi. I’d forgotten it was this weekend. It’s come round quickly, hasn’t it? I’m quite busy Saturday. I’d really like to come, though. Would it be okay if I got there later in the evening? Yes, sure. You can come any time. It’d be great to see you. I’d like to come really late, if it’s okay. After the public transport’s stopped for the night. I’ll come in a cab, and get there when the small talk’s finished with, and there are people sprawled … Continue reading Party Saturday