Radio Times

The first November edition of Vision Australia Radio’s Cover to Cover will feature two short stories from my new book Broken Rules and Other Stories (Transit Lounge, 2020). Tim McQueen will read ‘Playful Arrangements’ and ‘Broken Rules’ on the Friday 6 November show. The program will be rebroadcast on Sunday 8 November, and made available as a podcast shortly after that.

Vision Australia Radio is available on the airwaves in Australia. The station’s reach has increased, and Cover to Cover also welcomes Launceston, Devonport, Hobart, Darwin, and Perth to its on-air audience. Broadcast times differ depending on location, so it’s always best to check scheduling details at the VAR website, here.

In Melbourne, CTC can be heard on-air Fridays at 8:00PM, with repeats airing Sundays at 1:30PM.

You can listen online from anywhere in Australia or the rest of the world. Handy listening links can be found here.

And if you prefer your fiction on-demand, there’s always the program podcast. I’ll share that here as soon as I have it.

Thanks for tuning in.

2 thoughts on “Radio Times

  1. Great coverage Barry – congratulations. It’s so good those individual stories are having their own ‘outing’.


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