Australian Short Story Festival 2021

This year’s Australian Short Story Festival is taking place in Adelaide from 5 to 7 November. I’m looking forward to participating in two sessions: ‘Masculinity’, on Saturday 6 November, and ‘Writing the Family’ on Sunday 7 November. Full program details, including more on those two sessions, can be found here. You’ll find info on this year’s lineup of writers here. Ticketing details are here, and you can get tickets here. Hope you can make it! Continue reading Australian Short Story Festival 2021

Publication anniversary

Wednesday this week marked one year from the release of Broken Rules and Other Stories. How time flies. Seems only yesterday that I was seeing cheery signs in the frolicking of a dolphin in the sunny waters of the Maribyrnong River on the morning of publication day. And now here we are in spring again. The book’s adventures so far are charted here. It’s been an enjoyable and eventful twelve months. Happy anniversary, Broken Rules! Continue reading Publication anniversary


The other day a friend showed me the copy of Broken Rules they’d picked up from Footscray Library. The book had been carefully covered, a catalogue sticker affixed to the spine. Seeing this was as thrilling as seeing my book in a shop for the first time. In some ways maybe more so. There’s something wonderful about libraries and the books within them. Their permanence, for one thing. An illusion, I know, as old stock can be cleared from the shelves (and sold off, one would hope). But still, a library book holds more potential to reach multiple readers than … Continue reading SHORT FIC THOM