Cover to Cover | Episode 339

Last week’s edition of Cover to Cover is now available as a podcast. Episode 339 featured readings of ‘Their Cruel Routines’ and ‘The Americans’ from Broken Rules and Other Stories (Transit Lounge, 2020). Thanks to producer Tim McQueen for devoting an entire show to stories from the collection, and for reading them from his temporary home studio. The podcast is available on Spotify, as well as from the Vision Australia Radio website. An MP3 file of the recording is here. Happy listening! Cover to Cover is a production of Vision Australia Radio in Melbourne. Find out more about the work … Continue reading Cover to Cover | Episode 339

Short Is Sweet

In the end it is the mystery that lasts and not the explanation. Sacheverell Sitwell, For Want of the Golden City A few months ago a friend recommended I read a short story by the English writer Robert Aickman. ‘The Real Road to the Church’ is in the collection Cold Hand in Mine (1975), and my friend wanted to discuss the story with me. And so I abandoned the novel I’d been reading, and have been enthusiastically devouring Aickman’s “strange stories” since then. Last week I was asked why I’m drawn to writing short fiction. I talked about the form … Continue reading Short Is Sweet

The Repeat

If like me you missed yesterday’s edition of Vision Australia Radio’s Cover to Cover, there’s another chance to catch it today at 1:30PM (AEST) on the radio in Australia or online wherever you are in the world. This week’s program features two short stories from my book Broken Rules and Other Stories: listen to Tim McQueen reading Overland VU Short Story Prize winner ‘Their Cruel Routines’, and be transported to bygone English seaside summers with ‘The Americans’. The program will shortly be released as a podcast. A reminder that VAR podcasts are now available on Spotify, as well as in … Continue reading The Repeat

Stories on the Wireless

Originally posted on Barry Lee Thompson:
Next week’s Cover to Cover on Vision Australia Radio will feature stories from my recently released book Broken Rules and Other Stories. Listen to ‘Their Cruel Routines’ and ‘The Americans’ on the radio in Australia or online anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The program will be available as a podcast after broadcast. Cover to Cover, Friday 23 October at 8:00PM (repeated Sunday 25 October at 1:30PM). For more information on this and other Vision Australia Radio programs, and to find handy online listening links, go to the VAR website, here. Cover… Continue reading Stories on the Wireless

Launch of Every Second Tuesday

We are delighted to have the Elwood Writers group – Jennifer Bryce, Margaret McCaffrey, Helen McDonald and Barry Lee Thompson – join us online to discuss Every Second Tuesday. A new anthology of poetry, fiction and memoir, this kaleidoscope of stories spans the globe from the trenches of France in World War One to a dystopian Australia, via contemporary Harlem and the streets of northern England. Elwood Writers will chat about their book and their group with award-winning local author Lee Kofman. Readings Books Join me and the other members of Elwood Writers in conversation online on Wednesday 9 December at … Continue reading Launch of Every Second Tuesday