Life Drawing

Maybe you could sketch me. I’ll recline, here on the couch, and you can study me all afternoon. No clothes, isn’t that the way it’s done? Turn up the heating, I’ll cover the cost. I’ll fall asleep eventually, drowsy with warmth, and you’ll be able to take your time, to notice the unguarded in my expression, capture the unexpected in my pose, see the detail beneath my skin. Take me by surprise with the finished drawing. I like surprises. What else were you going to do today? No one’s drawn me before. It must be fascinating to see oneself portrayed. People tend to look oddly at me. Sideways, as it were. It doesn’t matter, it’s never bothered me. Maybe a little. It’s always intrigued me. You could throw some light on it. I’d like to see myself as others do. As you do, and that’s a start. You said last night you worry you’re not doing anything worthwhile. That you’re not as productive as you’d like. Remember? We had a lengthy discussion, maybe you’ve forgotten all the elements. There was a bit to drink, not that much, but a bit’s enough to loosen the tongue, and we talked about so many things. I’ll give you something to illuminate, for today, anyway. I’d like to see what you make of me. Tell you what, I’ll buy the drawing, when it’s finished, good, bad or otherwise. You said you’ve never sold a piece of work. Then this can be it. This’ll be your first sale.

4 thoughts on “Life Drawing

  1. I’m intrigued to know how the narrator is different – why people glance sideways at them. Love the questions this raises Barry – I want more!


    1. That’s also what the narrator wants to get to the bottom of. I hope the finished drawing might go some way towards addressing their question. That’s if there is a finished drawing. Thanks for reading, Helen.


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