Ice Cream Social

San Fedele Press is hosting an Ice Cream Social this weekend, from the Jersey Shore in the US. The virtual event is taking place via Zoom on Saturday from 4.30pm Eastern Time, which is 7.30am Sunday in Melbourne. I’ll be reading my short story ‘Glassy’ from American Writers Review 2021: Turmoil and Recovery. I can’t wait to find out what virtual ice-cream tastes like.
More info and links in the attached post from Elwood Writers.

Elwood Writers

Who likes ice cream? We do! Who loves an ice-cream social? We certainly do! So imagine our delight when we heard that is throwing one on Saturday October 30. And to add to the joy, Helen and Barry will be among contributors reading a selection of their pieces from the latest issue of AWR, . There’ll also be readings from . Both books are published by San Fedele Press.

Our Ice Cream Social at Wilkes University was a delight. While we can’t hand out the ice cream this year, we can share some of the wonderful work of our latest two books with you virtually.

San Fedele Press

Now, because this event is being hosted from the Jersey Shore in the US, we have to adjust the time to our location here in Australia. And it turns out that we’ll be enjoying ice-cream over an early breakfast on the…

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