Web Sights

The recent launch of the Elwood Writers anthology Every Second Tuesday has prompted me to remember and reflect on the early days of the group.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in thirteen-and-a-half years of meeting. One of the things we discussed at length back in the day was the merits or otherwise of having a website. I remember how helpful it was to weigh up the pros and cons together.

I browsed through my site’s archives last night and went to its very first blog post from 19 January 2013, almost eight years ago. ‘All over her face’ is a piece of flash fiction slightly longer than I might be inclined to post these days. I thought I might cringe at a re-reading, that the writing might be too self-consciously ‘online’, but it wasn’t too bad. I’ll re-post it later, give it some light and fresh air, otherwise it just lurks in the archives, hidden away.

The website debate is history now, but worth recalling. Today, three of us in Elwood Writers have our own websites. Jennifer’s is here, and Margaret’s here. And the group has its own site, here, which opened with a blog post on 6 January 2016, almost half a decade ago. I’d encourage a poke around all these sites. Happy browsing.

2 thoughts on “Web Sights

  1. I’d better get a wriggle on Barry and set up my own website! So happy to be part of the Elwood Writers website though. It’s a good time to reflect on past achievements and we can actually see that we’ve all come so far.

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