Interrupter on the wireless

“And then lunch, and your winter desserts. Hot custard over steamed puddings. Home-baked. You never used much sugar. Bad for the teeth. And then Mummy’s comments. She always had something to say. ‘It could use a little more sugar, this dessert,’ and you’d tell her that maybe she could make dessert the next time. And that look again, across the table. Not in front of the boy.”

My short story Interrupter has been dramatised for broadcast on Cover To Cover on Vision Australia Radio on Friday 6 April, repeated Sunday 8 April. The program can be heard on the radio or online in Australia, and online in the rest of the world. Visit the Vision Australia Radio website for more info and a handy frequency finder.

Interrupter was published in pocketbook format in 2015 by In Short Publishing  Co.

Cover To Cover is VAR’s weekly literary program, produced and presented by Tim McQueen.

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