Oh, good morning. Thanks for taking my call. I’m ringing because I’ve got an idea for a story. It’s about a cat who enjoys cooking and shopping and theatre, but he feels a bit disconnected and wants to find meaning in his life. He starts hanging out in ChattyCat, an online chatroom that’s strictly for cats only. He meets this other cat on there, a bilingual Indonesian cat who writes poetry in English. He starts to learn Indonesian from his new cat friend. The first word he learns is selamat. The friendship deepens. But what he doesn’t know is that his new friend isn’t really a cat. He’s actually a bear who prefers the company and conversation of cats to that of bears. The real cat falls a little bit in love with the bear who’s pretending to be a cat. But he has no idea that he’s interacting with a non-cat. That’s because it’s all happening online. Are you still there? Hello?

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