Sunday Radio

Just a reminder that if, like me, you weren’t able to tune into this week’s Cover To Cover from Vision Australia Radio on Friday evening, there’ll be another chance to catch the program this afternoon at 1:30PM (AEST). Join the team as they read stories by writers from all over the world, including The House In The Sky by me. As usual, you can listen on the radio in Australia, or online from anywhere in the world. Details and streaming links here: And if you miss this opportunity to listen, a podcast of the program will be available shortly. … Continue reading Sunday Radio

The Birthday | a short story on Vision Australia Radio

“Next to the milk carton is the cake he bought last night from Patrick’s Patisserie. He went in last thing, twenty minutes before closing. The cakes are cheaper at the end of the day. The man that works there, who he’s always imagined may well be Patrick himself, was reading the newspaper, a crinkled morning edition that he was probably only just getting an opportunity to peruse. The man watched him from over the paper as decisions were made at the cake cabinet.” My short story The Birthday will be broadcast on Cover To Cover on Vision Australia Radio this … Continue reading The Birthday | a short story on Vision Australia Radio

Mrs Morelli

Mrs Morelli came into the living room while Martin was waiting for Yvonne to get ready. Yvonne had left the door open on the way upstairs, but her mother closed it over. She went to the fireplace and lowered the gas fire. A packet of Embassy Number 1 was in its usual place on the top of the mantelpiece, and she lit one with the chunky green lighter. Clamping the cigarette in her mouth, she fixed her hair in the mirror, squinting an eye against the smoke and pulling pins out then placing them back in the same places but … Continue reading Mrs Morelli


‘He stopped swimming, and floated. Just held himself there, in the middle of the pool. His body was very long. I watched him closely, just a long thin line of body in the middle of the pool, broken by the blue of his bathers. Then I imagined the bathers gone. It was easy, really, but almost unbearable. And then he started to swim again, towards me, then tumbled over at the end, and started up the other way. And he kept on and on. It was good to watch. Mesmerising. But it was just that. Over and over. I became … Continue reading Swimmer


‘In here,’ he said, grabbing my hand, and leading me up a dark flight of stairs, then another, and another, until we’d climbed so high I could feel the building sway. He unlocked a big metal door and pulled me into the room and said, ‘This is Ernie.’ It was an ugly thing, squat and grey, and it hummed and clattered, and wires spewed from its centre into various consoles around the edges of the room. ‘You mean all the beautiful books I’ve been reading were written by this?’ I said. ‘Not only can she create,’ he said, ‘but she … Continue reading Ernie