The Shopkeeper – part II

Ali says: “He started coming in a few weeks ago, and after a few days I assumed he was going to be a regular customer, and that he was going to buy the same thing every time. We smile at each other, and he tells me about simple things, like the weather.” This is reminding her of when they first met, when he would talk while they waited for infrequent late-night buses to take them home. He would deliver accounts of the events that pressed on his mind, talking hotly, and close to her ear at times, while around them … Continue reading The Shopkeeper – part II

A Satisfying Arrangement

Steven was regarding his reflection in a battered old mirror which was fixed on the wall in the corner of the shop. He was holding an old rolling-tobacco tin filled with tarnished keys, and not so much feigning interest in the tin and its contents, but using them as props, to allow himself this opportunity to peruse his own face. He tuned into the saleswoman’s voice: ‘…she gets them from Indonesia. Oh, and have a look at the books over there. On that table.’ He turned. The woman was pointing a long finger, with an immaculately-manicured nail, lacquered in orange, … Continue reading A Satisfying Arrangement