Festival reflections

When I first began sending work to publications and competitions, I realised that something strange happens once a story is submitted. Despite all the time spent honing, refining, getting it just right, almost immediately after hitting ‘submit’, issues and ideas previously hidden become apparent, opening up new and exciting ways to think about the story. This may be to do with distance from the submission process, stepping outside the piece and experiencing it objectively. With a few years under my belt, I’ve acquired a toolbox of resources for tricking my mind into believing a story’s been sent before it actually … Continue reading Festival reflections

Australian Short Story Festival 2021

This year’s Australian Short Story Festival is taking place in Adelaide from 5 to 7 November. I’m looking forward to participating in two sessions: ‘Masculinity’, on Saturday 6 November, and ‘Writing the Family’ on Sunday 7 November. Full program details, including more on those two sessions, can be found here. You’ll find info on this year’s lineup of writers here. Ticketing details are here, and you can get tickets here. Hope you can make it! Continue reading Australian Short Story Festival 2021