Working Writer

In March 2016 I wrote a short blog post for the Elwood Writers website, part of a series of contributions from each group member about our various writing methods. My piece looked at some of the reasons I write short fiction, the way I write, and how I structure my working days. I revisited the original article last year, and was interested to note that nothing about the way I work had changed in the intervening six years. I tweaked the article a bit and asked Maggie Frisch at Working Writer in the US if they’d be interested in the … Continue reading Working Writer

Goals for the New Year: Ideas and Advice from 52 Authors

… one thing these authors all agreed on: Goals are important! No matter which goals you pursue or how you measure them, setting an intention for the year can help provide direction, motivation, and focus. We hope you’ll find advice below that resonates with you and helps jump-start your work this year. Enjoy! The BookBub Partners Blog Thanks to BookBub for including me in their terrific publication, just released, with New Year writing ideas and advice from 52 authors, one for every week of 2023. Glance through the flipbook or download the high-resolution PDF at the link below: I’m Number … Continue reading Goals for the New Year: Ideas and Advice from 52 Authors