The House In The Sky | Vision Australia Radio


My short story The House In The Sky will be read by Tim McQueen on Cover To Cover and broadcast on Vision Australia Radio this Friday, 2 November, at 8 PM (AEST), repeated Sunday 4 November at 1.30 PM (AEST).

Cover To Cover is produced and presented by Tim McQueen, and can be heard on the radio in Australia, or streamed online from anywhere in the world.

Radio frequency and other details and an online listening link can be found here:

The program will be available as a podcast shortly after broadcast.

Happy listening.



The Birthday | Vision Australia Radio


My short story The Birthday was read recently on Vision Australia Radio’s weekly Cover To Cover literary program. The podcast of that week’s program is available here:

Cover To Cover is produced and presented by Tim McQueen. The Birthday was read by Mike Cannon.

The Birthday | a short story on Vision Australia Radio


“Next to the milk carton is the cake he bought last night from Patrick’s Patisserie. He went in last thing, twenty minutes before closing. The cakes are cheaper at the end of the day. The man that works there, who he’s always imagined may well be Patrick himself, was reading the newspaper, a crinkled morning edition that he was probably only just getting an opportunity to peruse. The man watched him from over the paper as decisions were made at the cake cabinet.”

My short story The Birthday will be broadcast on Cover To Cover on Vision Australia Radio this week. The program can be heard on analogue and digital radio in Australia, or streamed live online from any device anywhere in the world via the VAR website.

Broadcast times vary depending on how and where you’re listening. In Melbourne, tune your wireless to 1179 AM at 8 o’clock Friday evening (tomorrow), or catch the repeat on Sunday afternoon at 1.30, or hear the live stream at those times from the ‘Listen live in Melbourne‘ link on the website. You don’t have to be in Melbourne if you have an Internet connection!

A podcast will be available from the middle of next week (details to follow).

Cover To Cover is produced and presented weekly by Tim McQueen for Vision Australia Radio.

Lit on a Winter Afternoon


From the Elwood Writers website comes a write-up of our recent winter literary soiree at St Kilda Library, an hour and a half of stories, Bach, and gourmet cheeses.

Elwood Writers

At the end of August, Elwood Writers held a literary soiree in the community room at St Kilda Library in Melbourne. The event provided an opportunity for us to present a curated program of short readings from our own work, and included fiction, memoir, and poetry.

Duo con Brio, with Monica Edwards on cello and Elwood Writers’ Jennifer Bryce on oboe, punctuated the proceedings with musical pieces by Bach.

We’ll provide more information on the work presented at the event over the next few blog posts. For now, wherever you are, happy reading and writing.

2018_08_25-ElwoodWriters_064 The writers.

All images HarrietClaire Photography

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we tell our stories, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

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Barry’s Adelaide reflections


Trawling the Elwood Writers archives, I came across a blog post I’d forgotten I’d written around 2016’s Adelaide Festival. Much has changed since: Ubud came and went; the manuscript was completed; Australia finally implemented marriage equality, but not without a struggle that was damaging to LGBTIQ communities.
And now Adelaide 2019 is calling.

Elwood Writers

coffee-adelaideThe festival experience in Adelaide becomes richer with each visit. This year, I felt an initial restlessness during the events. I wanted to be away from the authors talking about their work, and to get in front of my own writing. To put my hands inside my manuscript and pull the guts out of it. To lay it all out, examine it closely, and put it back together again. This reaction, far from a complaint, is rather desirable. I’m travelling to Ubud next week to work on my manuscript, and I can be confident the trip will be one of industry and production.

A highlight of Writers’ Week: The Crow on Wednesday morning at the west stage. Max Porter, author of Grief Is The Thing With Feathers, converses with Jonathan Bate about the life and work of Ted Hughes. In the soothing dapples of soft early sunlight we listen, rapt…

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