Adelaide Writers’ Week 2019


I just arrived back from Writers’ Week 2019 in Adelaide (ADLWW). While I haven’t written anything (yet) about the trip myself (though there was plenty to write about), fellow Elwood Writer Jennifer and guest contributor Tony Thomas posted despatches from Adelaide at the Elwood Writers website, and their posts are shared below:

Elwood Writers at Adelaide Writers’ Week 2019: the first day

Adelaide Writers’ Week 2019: the second day

Adelaide Festival Writers’ Week 2019 | Guest post by Tony Thomas

What’s occurring?


From Elwood Writers:

Elwood Writers

2018 was an industrious and fruitful year for Elwood Writers. Among other events, we hosted and thoroughly enjoyed presenting our work at our first public soiree, in August at St Kilda Library, and in November provided the material for the Armistice Day Centenary edition of Cover To Cover on Vision Australia Radio.

We’ve more exciting group projects planned for 2019, kicking off with an excursion to Adelaide for Writers’ Week in March. We’re thrilled to have been invited to collaborate with Tim McQueen and the team at Cover To Cover for another themed program on Vision Australia Radio, and will post more about that closer to the time. Also in the pipeline is another soiree, possibly towards the end of the year.

And of course our individual projects continue, with material regularly workshopped within our fortnightly group meetings.

With so much going on and coming up, from time…

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Roomers #65 Summer 2018


The latest issue of Roomers magazine is out now.

Roomers #65 | Summer 2018 | That Was Then, This Is Now.

Includes The Searing, a short story by me.

He pulls on swimming trunks, a loose shirt. His towel he grabs from the side of the bath, keys from the hallway, and he walks the five minutes to the sea wall. He’s nearly alone down there, it’s just gulls, two dogwalkers, a couple of noisy teenaged skinnydippers after an all-nighter. Prompted by their brazenness he also strips completely, spreads the towel along the base of the wall and lies.

Roomers #65 Summer 2018
That Was Then, This Is Now

For more information on the Roomers project:

Armistice Day Centenary edition of Cover To Cover, podcast


Hear pieces from Elwood Writers, including my short story Chloe read by Tim McQueen, in the podcast of last week’s Cover To Cover from Vision Australia Radio:

Elwood Writers

A podcast of last week’s Armistice Day edition of Vision Australia Radio’s Cover To Cover is now available at the link below:

The program, broadcast Friday 9 November and repeated Sunday 11 November, marks the hundred years since the end of the First World War, and features work from Elwood Writers.

We hope you enjoy listening to the program.

Cover To Cover

is recorded in the studios of Vision Australia Radio in Melbourne.

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Cover To Cover | Armistice Day Centenary — Elwood Writers


‘Chloe gazed back, took him in. His eyes, amber, liquid, and deep, were those of an artist. Despite the bravado of liquor, the earlier mirth with his friend, she saw that the boy was troubled, a soldier uncertain, unskilled in dissembling, and powerless to control the play of emotions across his face.’

This Friday at 8:00 PM (AEST), Vision Australia Radio is broadcasting a special edition of Cover To Cover to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. The entire program features work from the Elwood Writers. Join us as Jennifer reads an extract from her novel set just after World War I, […]

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